In December 1968, Mr. Su Daosheng was assigned as an educated youth in Jinan in support of the North Third District, an undeveloped district. He was assigned to the foundry of the original Beizhen Diesel Engine Plant and was engaged in cupola operation. Because he was hard-working and diligently studying, he was soon promoted to a workshop technician. In 1979, he also used his spare time to participate in the foundry professional training course of Shandong Radio and TV University, obtained a diploma in foundry professional education, and improved his theoretical ability. In 1987, his paper “Adding Tin to Prevent Shrinkage in Cast Iron” was published at the second meeting of the Shandong Province Machinery Industry Foundry Technology Collaboration Network. The paper was named “Excellent Scientific Information Paper.”The paper“Manufacturing of High-Nickel Austenitic Iron Castings”was awarded first prize. In 1991, the paper“Manufacture of High Nickel Austenitic Cast Iron Piston Rings”was awarded the third prize by the District. In 2000, the "Molding for Piston Wear-Resistant Inlay Rings" was selected as "China Contemporary Technology Innovation Expo". In 2004, the article entitled "Aluminum Piston Wear-Resistant Rings" was awarded the first prize of both the national excellent paper and the representative of China Modern Exploration New Papers library.

Aluminum piston wear-resistant inlay ring (hereinafter referred to as inlay ring) was successfully developed in European and American countries in the 1940s. Due to strict technical confidentiality to China, the technique and product became a blank in China. In 1984, Su Daosheng took the lead in the domestic development of aluminum piston inlay ring and was successful. After being evaluated and used by Binzhou Piston Factory at that time, the product was fully qualified. In 1990, the aluminum piston wear-resistant inlay ring won the third prize for scientific and technological progress in the Huimin District. In 1992, the“Aluminum Piston Inlay Ring”project won the second prize of Shandong Spark Award. In 2007, the "Aluminum Piston Wear-Resistant Inlay Ring" project was awarded the second prize for excellent technical innovation achievements of employees in Shandong Province. In 2012, the product of the“Ring-welded Inner-Cooling Passage Wear-Resistant Inlay Ring”research and development project was honored“National Key New Product”. In 2015, the“Aluminum Piston Wear-Resistant Inlay Ring Material Research and Development” and “Energy Saving and Environmental Protection New Aluminum Piston Wear-Resistant Inlay Ring” projects both won the Third Prize of the Binzhou Municipal Science Progress Award.

Su Daosheng was determined to apply his own inventions and innovations to China's auto parts industry, so that China's pistons rank among the best in the world as soon as possible. In 1989, by affiliating with an agency, the company established the first professional ring-producing enterprise in the country, Binzhou Special Alloy Manufacturing Factory. Qualified aluminum piston wear-resistant inlay rings were quickly sold to domestic piston companies. This narrowed the technological gap between China's piston industry and foreign counterparts. For some reasons, Mr. Su Daosheng left the alloy factory in 1992. In 1993, he also co-founded a second inlay ring enterprise, Binzhou Binbo Internal Combustion Engine Fittings Factory, in the form of technology partnership, and began to supply inlay rings for Southeast Asia and Taiwan, breaking the status of China's wear-resistant inlay ring zero exportation. In April 1998, he established his own company, Binzhou Yatai Power Fittings Co., Ltd., and hired experts and professors from the same industry in China and set up the only“Aluminum Piston Wear-Resistant Inlay Ring Research Institute”in China. The institute focused on the implementation, research and development of new products. Due to the excellent technology, production and service, the inlaid ring products were gradually recognized by customers at home and abroad. In July 2005, the world's fourth largest piston company and Japan's largest piston company, Yaide Metal Industry Co., Ltd. and Binzhou Yatai Power Components Co., Ltd., jointly established Binzhou Yatai Yaide Power Fittings Co., Ltd. At the same time, the world's largest and second-largest piston companies, Germany's Mahle and KS, also completed their evaluations on the company's qualification as their supplier; so Yatai Yaide became their qualified wear-resistant inlay ring supplier. The company then set the development goal to build the world's largest production base for wear-resistant inlay rings. In September 2006, Mr. Su Daosheng established the only enterprise specializing in the production of special inlay rings in the country - Binzhou Zhengdao Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and committed to making the company the largest in the world.

Thanks to the spirit of perseverance and constant pursuit of technology, Su Daosheng has been awarded the following six utility model patent certificates: “Mold for piston wear-resistant inlay ring castings” (ZL 98 2 21894.X),“Aluminum Piston Wear-Resistant inlay Ring” (ZL). 00 2 57033.5), "New type of aluminum piston wear-resistant inlay ring" (ZL 02 269930.9), " Aluminum piston with Stainless Steel Rings inner cooling passage" (ZL 2004 2 0039040.9), "A new type of aluminum piston wear-resistant inlay ring" (2008200178729),  "Salt core packaging box" (ZL201120297969.1) and four national invention patents: "Aluminum piston wear-resistant inlay ring" (ZL 02 1 35613.0), "Manufacture materials for aluminum piston inlay ring" (ZL200710016240.0),  "Aluminum piston wear-resistant inlay ring used in cold areas" (ZL201110452796.0), "High-performance nickel austenitic vermicular cast iron for piston inlay ring and its preparation method" (ZL 201510043136.5). Among them, the patented technology of the New type of aluminum piston wear-resistant inlay ring (ZL 02 269930.9) won the first prize of the 2003 national patent technology invention award and the national scientific and technological achievements progress award.

The rapid development of the aluminum piston wear-resistant inlaid ring industry in Binzhou has driven the extension of the Binzhou automobile parts industrial chain and promoted the economic development of Binzhou. In the recent years, Su Daosheng has also won many honors. In 2000, he was awarded the advanced individual in Binzhou. In 2003 he was named "the city's advanced individual scientific and technological worker"; in 2004 he was awarded the "Bincheng District model worker"; in 2005 he won "The first Binzhou City chief technician" and "Top ten best CPPCC members" and "Top ten private enterprise Members of CPPCC" in Binzhou City. He was awarded as "Contemporary businessman" in 2006; and "Advanced Technology inventors and patentees in Bincheng District" and "Professional and Technical Personnel with Outstanding Contributions in Binzhou City" were awarded in 2007; and in 2009 he was entitled“Shandong Province Chief Technician” in 2013 and 2015 were respectively honored the titles of“Human Resources, Social Security, and Integrity”.

At present, about 90% of the nation's wear-resistant inlay rings are manufactured in Binzhou. The world-renowned piston giants have purchased wear-resistant inlay rings in Binzhou, and wear-resistant inlay rings have driven the extension of the Binzhou auto parts industrial chain and promoted the local rural labor force, and economic development.

Su Daosheng has made an indelible contribution in promoting the development of China and even the world's inlay ring industry!