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Aluminum piston salt core

Product Use


Product Application:

Salt cores, when flushed out of the piston, form internal cooling passages, reducing the temperature of the piston

head and the first ring groove area, thus enhancing the piston's lifespan.


1. High Strength, Excellent High-Temperature Resistance: Salt cores do not fracture when preheated in a 720°C

furnace or during piston casting operations.

2. Immersion Resistance: Salt cores do not rupture or generate gas when poured with aluminum solution, nor do

they cause salt to float on the solution's surface.

3. Easy Dissolution, Quick Flushing: After casting into the piston blank, salt cores can be completely flushed out

within a maximum of 10 seconds under a water pressure of 200 bar.

4. Surface Quality: Salt cores exhibit no quality defects on the surface, such as cracks, sharp edges, burrs, notches,

oil stains, etc., with smooth arc transitions.

In modern internal combustion engines, pistons inevitably bear increasing thermal loads. Particularly with the

increasing use of turbocharged engines in mid-to-high-end vehicles worldwide, turbocharging technology has

become popular to enhance engine power and torque, improve fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions, and

lower fuel consumption. To meet the growing power requirements and ensure the safety of piston operation,

pistons with internal cooling passages, formed by salt cores during the aluminum piston casting process and

then removed by water flushing after casting, have become the inevitable choice for high-speed, high-power