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Special-shaped salt core

Product Use


一、The new salt cores are used to the inner cavity of all lightweight castings
Advantage:At present, most lightweight castings use resin sand core to shape the complex inner cavity. When the sand core is cleaned in the later stage, it is difficult to clean the internal cavity because of locally sticky sand phenomenon. That is an inevitable technical problem. The development of new type of salt cores can easily solve the difficult problem of sand cleaning in castings. The salt is soluble in water and only need to be washed with water to meet the technical requirements for removing the internal core. The application of salt core in the field of piston has been a very mature process. The new salt core is just the extension of piston salt core technology .
二、The new salt core is applied to the difficult -to- machine parts of injection products
Advantage:About the injection products which are difficult to machine in the later stage, new salt core can be chosen to shape directly the parts which previously need to be machined in the later stage. The method of injection molding by putting the salt core into the mold before injecting takes the machining process of difficult-to- machine parts away and solves the technical problems of machining in the later stage.